I’m Marly, a visual artist from Arnhem, The Netherlands. I create art for animations, books, interactive media and more.

When it comes to my artstyle people say it’s bright and colorful. And that’s true! I love to play with color and light (and a little bit of magic), but while doing that I keep in mind that everything I add should have a purpose and is there to tell a story.  That’s how I make my art more powerful.


My path to illustration.

Ever since I was a kid I love to draw and be creative, but it took me a little while to realise that this was something I could do for a living.

In 2008 I started studying Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design at the RijnIJssel in Arnhem. I discovered that I really liked to use illustration in my work.

In 2013 I started to study Communication and MultiMedia Design at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, also in Arnhem. I already did a lot of graphic design, so I wanted to get better on the concepting-part and chose to focus on creating experiences. Creating a character for a game was the first time I made concept art using Adobe Photoshop, and I loved it. So I kept practicing.

Meanwhile I was also working at B302, which is a graphic design and animation studio runned by students of the HAN. At first as a designer, later as art director. Again, I really liked to incorporate graphic illustrations to my work.

When I finished this education, I started freelancing. I started out doing a lot of graphic stuff, but I didn’t stop practicing illustration on the side. At the moment I’m doing a little bit of both, but I’m mostly focussing on illustration. Always challenging myself and working my way up!


For enquiries you can fill in the contact form or email me at: info@marlyverzijl.nl